Our business was founded in 1990, but our owner/head mechanic has been fixing and servicing vehicles and machinery for over 40 years. Prime Transmissions & Parts Ltd provides personal and commercial vehicle maintenance and repair services, with firsthand attention from our owner/head mechanic. Besides the outstanding skills of our specialist, you will also get polite and knowledgeable assistance from our customer service manager.

In addition to general automotive work, we also rebuild and repair transmissions, from light to heavy duty, as well as industrial torque converters. Our business is part of the Registry of Joint Stock companies of Nova Scotia. We are certified by the Truck and Transport Red Seal, as well as the Car Red Seal. Our expertise is so well-regarded that we have customers consult us from as far away as Quebec and Ontario.

Because we are a family-owned and operated business, we emphasize quality customer service. Every job is given our full care and attention, from start to finish. There’s no limit to our abilities, and the diversity of our repair and refurbishing skills is exceptional. We like to say that “there’s nothing we can’t fix”! And that’s the truth.

We have a large network of contacts for parts, and we pride ourselves on providing the best services at a reasonable price. We are the only garage in the area with exclusive rights to service and rebuild Allison transmissions.